Skills for Study has been developed in accordance with W3C guidelines, and comes with several options for alternative modes of learning and navigation.

Students can proceed through the learning content using a screen reader, and navigate through material with a keyboard if required.

Jump links have been positioned at the top of pages so it is possible for users to access the important sections of screens.

Activities are visual, so we have provided alternative text treatments for users who are unable, or do not wish to, work through the visual activities. Professionally recorded narration of the learning material is available throughout the resource on section pages.

We have endeavoured to provide the maximum level of personalisation for users, including the ability to adjust font sizes and colours, and background colour changes via browser settings. The use of italicised, underlined and bold text has been kept to a minimum, whilst still following standard expectations for links and headings.

If there are accessibility tools that you use that would help you use this resource, but are currently not compatible please do contact us - we strive to cater for as many people as possible but there may be occasions when we can further improve our accessibility.