Being prepared: a high performance trait

Have you turned up to class, feeling lost about the material discussed?

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Start with the basics

What steps can you start making to become better at preparation? Click on the '+' icons to find out more.   

Check for the following ahead of class

Check for ...
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  • Look out for ideas, concepts, theories and approaches that are new to you. Make a note of these

  • Who developed these, and when and why? Why are they significant? 

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  •  If names keep re-appearing in the literature, Google them
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  • Remind yourself of the last class: glance through notes; look for potential links with the next class

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  • Look up specialist or technical terms you don’t understand
  • Create a personal ‘glossary’ or dictionary for easy checks and to learn them
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Over to you

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What will you do now?

Now that you have taken the time to work through the material on this blog post, what are you going to do about it?   

This is where you get to ‘action’ what you have learnt, and make a difference to the way you show up for your studies.

Preparing ahead of class can benefit you because:

  • You will have greater confidence about joining in
  • You can follow the material more easily in class
  • You can formulate questions to guide and focus learning in class