Navigating your first year of university

You get to make choices that create long-lasting friendships and choose opportunities that help you grow intellectually and emotionally. The success of your decisions will depend, in part, on how close your actions align with your true intentions.

Here are a couple of viewpoints gathered from a conversation with recent graduates.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Even if your friends aren’t choosing the same extracurricular activities as you, it doesn’t matter.

Try something new, and see where it takes you.

Maybe you will develop a skill that is personal and unique to you. You might find yourself around like-minded people, or have interesting conversations with people who aren't!

You might become friends with people you may never have met if you didn’t move outside of your comfort zone.

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Keep informed of local events. For example, you might choose to follow the university societies' accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

Getting reminders and staying aware of the ways that you can get involved – maximises the chances that you'll see something that is of interest.  Whether that’s an interest group or event. Switch the notifications on for the groups that tickle your fancy.

That way, you might even find great things in unexpected places and scenarios. 

You’ll grow to discover more about what you enjoy and value within these new experiences. This will bring richness to your academic life, beyond your interactions within your core courses.

Remember, you are you

The coming year is another chance for you to explore new things, to find out more about subjects but also get to know others and yourself.

You do so in an exciting period, where there are many people in the same situation as you. So don't let the pressure get the better of you, enjoy the trip along the way, where you will learn more about yourself, and refine who you are in the process.