Using AI chatbots

Astronauts explore monument with the word AI written on it

Explore possibilities

There are opportunities to use AI and other tools, much as you would use the support of other people, to:

  • Inspire ideas - that you develop in your own way
  • Suggest ways forward - that you then adapt to fit your specific context and purpose
  • Obtain information - that you make your own
  • Support your process of decision-making – but you make the decisions

In all cases, it is essential to produce academic work that you can still legitimately call ‘my own’.

Astronauts explore monument

Examine current limitations

To help you work out what is, and what is not, a legitimate use of AI tools such as ChatGPT, explore the following worked examples. These relate to assignment writing tasks.

1.    Devising an assignment title
2.    Finding reading material for your assignment
3.    Summarising texts
4.    Gaining ideas for themes to include
5.    Understanding the material
6.    Structuring your written assignment
7.    Writing the assignment