A day in the life of a biochemistry student

Mahdia, a second-year biochemistry student, shares what a typical study day in rain-soaked London looks like for her

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11:00 After having a well-deserved lie-in (I had 9ams all this week!), I got started on some research for a podcast project. For this project, a friend and I are working on an exposé-style podcast on the differences between high-carbohydrate and low-fat diets on weight loss, and their potential long-term effects on health.

~11:40 Took a little break. Mindlessly scrolled through Instagram and grabbed a cup of green tea.

11:45 Started reading through a friend's dissertation on hydrogel application in biomedical situations to provide feedback. Three pages in - twelve to go!



17:30 Got home from my lab. Spent a couple of hours catching up on some lectures which covered the mobility of membranes and gave an overview of how the variations in composition affect the fluidity and evenness of the membrane. I watched a recording of the lecture (needed some good headphones for this!) while consulting the recommended textbook.

19:00 Did some pre-reading for tomorrow's lectures on the energetics behind aerobic respiration. My professor uploads the slides and relevant textbook chapters a few days before the lecture, so I go through the slides to get the gist of the topic and consult textbook chapters for explanations on diagrams included in the slides.

19:45 Put some dinner - a pasta meal made from scratch to destress - on the stove and spent some time with my sister. We stuffed our faces whilst watching Love Island (don't judge - we all need some stress-free TV!): the perfect end to a busy day. On other evenings, you might find me writing some blog posts, editing images and videos for my Instagram or frantically searching for a part-time job to fund my much-needed holiday.

My days vary a lot, but I hope this gave you a good insight into what a biochemistry student's day may look like.

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