Two-minute meditations

Find moments in your day to pause and reflect

Dandelion blowing in the wind

The beauty of two-minute meditations is that they can be slotted into your day at any point, almost anywhere, without preparation.

They are a great way of bridging formal meditation practice with everyday life.

The trick is to spot moments in the day when you can take two minutes to focus on your breath or on developing feelings of kindness towards yourself or others.

Ideal moments tend to be when there is a natural pause in activity, such as when you are waiting for:

  • Your laptop to start
  • The kettle to boil
  • Someone to arrive
  • A lecturer to set up their lecture
  • Toast to come out of the toaster

Get started by listening to this guided audio exercise.

My journal

  • Which occasions would lend themselves naturally to a two-minute meditation?
  • What would help you to remember to do this?

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